In a tough season for business, especially within the construction industry, Meridian Design
Build is proud of a recent win. As we mentioned in previous articles, <a
href="">Covid-19 has had quite an impact on
construction and renovation projects</a>. Material shortages and subcontractor unavailability
has made things extra difficult. But that hasn't stopped Meridian Design Build from
delivering <em>award winning service.</em>
<h2>Meridian Design Build wins BuildZoom Award</h2>
There are many key factors that play into providing award winning service. And here at
Meridian Design Build, we take quality service and product seriously. With that in mind, we are
proud to announce that we were awarded a BuildZoom award for the following reasons:
<li>Higher than average customer rating</li>
<li>Average customer response time</li>
<li>Average number of permits pulled</li>
<li><em>Overall customer satisfaction</em></li>
<h3>Higher than average customer rating</h3>
BuildZoom typically recommends working with contractors with a customer rating of 95 or
higher. Our customer service rating, according to BuildZoom, is 161 which sits us nicely in the
99th percentile. This ranking places our company above 99% of 101,103 contractors in North
<h3>Overall customer satisfaction</h3>
Don't take our word for it, clocking in at a 5 star ranking, <a
href="">let our clients do the
talking</a>. It's well-known throughout the service industry that reviews traditionally reflect
more poor service than good. It's just the nature of the game. People tend to take to their
keyboards and pick up their phones more often for poor service, which is understandable. So

when a company earns high rankings in overall customer satisfaction, especially with nothing
but 5-star ratings, it's worth noting.
<h3>Why does this matter?</h3>
We know how difficult it can be to vet a general contractor you can truly trust. Quality service
with timeless results isn't the easiest thing in the world to find. But we truly believe in both.
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